Sundog Pictures

Range Rover Velar: The Crafting of Simplicity – Director

Global launch film for the new Range Rover Velar, narrated by British actor Damian Lewis.  First screened at the London Design Museum, 1st March 2017.



Atlantic Productions

Galapagos – Series director / producer

Presenter & team of experts on an epic voyage of discovery through the Galapagos islands.  3×60’ BBC1/Worldwide [Atlantic Productions] – TX 2017

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Barcroft Media

End of the Dinosaurs – Director

Landmark, presenter-led project following a crack team of scientists on an expedition in Mexico. 1×60’ BBC2/NOVA [Barcroft Productions] – TX TBC



BBC Science

City in the Sky – Director

Landmark series presented by Dallas Campbell. Director of various sequences in UK and overseas, including a dramatic aerial opening sequence, filmed in Bhutan.  3×60’ BBC2/PBS [BBC Science].  TX 2016.



Steve Backshall’s Extreme Mountain Challenge – Series director & producer

Landmark, presenter-led adventure series filmed in the Venezuelan jungle in May & June 2015. Rock climbing, caving and a stunning abseil off the top of the highest waterfall in the world. 2×60’ BBC2.  TX 2016.

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Firecracker Films


Music / adventure series with high-profile DJ presenter.  Pilot show commissioned by Red Bull TV.  November 2014.

BBC History

Jungle Atlantis – Producer/Director

The epic story of the rise and fall of the civilisation that built Angkor Wat.  2×60 landmark series for BBC2.  Episode 2 – Collapse.  Filmed in Cambodia & Vietnam.  October 2013 – May 2014.  TX 2014.

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Developing ambitious new history projects for BBC1, BBC2 and co-production ventures.  Creator of landmark BBC2 series ‘Jungle Atlantis’. January – September 2013.


360 Production


Day-to-day running of development team at award-winning indie.  Work on a variety of history projects for main UK broadcasters.  Creator of Dan Snow’s BBC2 series ‘The Birth of Empire: The East India Company’.  Sept 2012 – Jan 2013.


Dragonfly Film & Television Productions

The Plane Crash – Producer/Director

The biggest ever controlled plane crash.  A Boeing 727 airliner is crashed into the Sonoran Desert, Mexico.  A feature-length special for Channel 4/Discovery/ProSieben.  Filmed in Mexico, USA (Colorado, Michigan, Missouri, Florida) and UK.  Nominated for BAFTA Award (best Specialist Factual), RTS Award (best Science & Natural History) and BAFTA Craft Award (best sound).  Winner Televisual Award – Best Documentary Single.  TX 2012.

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BBC Vision

Horizon: Out of Control? – Producer/Director

The story of dramatic new research into the mysterious world of the unconscious mind.  Do you control it… or does it control you?  Filmed in UK, USA (Ohio, New York, Arizona) & Canada.  1×60′ for the BBC’s award-winning science documentary strand, Horizon.  August 2011 – Jan 2012.

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Horizon: Seeing Stars – Producer/Director

A new generation of astronomers are building super-telescopes that will rewrite the story of the heavens.  This film follows the men and women pushing the limits of knowledge in some of the most extreme environments on Earth.  Filmed in Chile, USA (California, Utah), France & Sweden.  Feb – August 2011.

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Japan Earthquake: A Horizon Special with Iain Stewart – Producer/Director

1×60′ documentary made in just 13 days following the March 2011 Japanese earthquake and tsunami.  Professor Iain Stewart examines the causes and consequences of the disaster.

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Horizon: Surviving a Car Crash – Producer/Director

1×60′ Will fatal accidents become a thing of the past?  New advances in engineering and medicine look set to forever change the story of a car crash.  Filmed in Canada, Sweden & USA (Virginia, Massachusetts, Florida & Michigan).  Sept 2010 – Feb 2011.

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Pioneer Productions

The Ring of Fire – Producer/Director

Spectacular study of the volcanoes making up the Pacific Ring of Fire.  CGI, actuality sequences and stunning aerials.  1×45′ for the second installment of History Channel’s Emmy Award winning series ‘How the Earth was Made’.  Filmed on location in Alaska, California and Washington.   July – Nov ‘09.

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Development – Development Producer

Developing new formatted history and science series, as well as follow-up episodes for Pioneer’s blockbuster project, ‘The Big Question’.  June ‘09.

The Big Question – Producer/Director

US online performance artist Ze Frank presents a one-off for Discovery looking at the science of speed.  Multiple stunts, big budget, spectacular action – record-breaking freefalls, supersonic aeroplanes, and a school bus fitted with a fighter jet engine.  Filmed in California, Indiana & Florida.  Jan – June ‘09

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Super Diamonds – Edit Producer

Documentary telling the story of science’s quest for an artificial ‘superdiamond’.  1×46′ for National Geographic’s established series, Naked Science.  Dec’08 – Jan ‘09.



Catastrophe – Producer/Director

Award-winning landmark series with stunning CGI looking at how Earth history is driven by catastrophe (5×50’ C4/Discovery).  Episode 5: Survival Earth.  The last 100,000 years of Earth history.  Filmed in USA (California, Wyoming, Arizona, Alaska & Ohio), Iceland & UK.  Jul ’08 – Oct ‘08.

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BBC Science & History Studio

The One Show – Producer/Director

Selection of presenter-led short films for BBC1’s popular prime time magazine show, the highest rating factual show on British TV.  Sep-Dec ’07.

  • New Year’s Resolutions (TX Jan ’08) – The psychology of resolutions.
  • Snoring (TX Feb ’08) – Presenter Michael Mosley discovers an amusing way to stop snoring.
  • Christmas double bill (both TX Dec ’07):  Drinking – The science of drinking.  Hangovers – What causes a hangover… and how to prevent it.
  • Fireworks (TX Nov ’07) – Presenter Michael Mosley learns how to build his own firework.
Earth: The Biography – Edit Producer

Rewriting and re-cutting the whole series ‘Earth: The Power of the Planet’ (see below) for National Geographic.  Jul-Sep ’07

Earth: The Power of the Planet – Producer/Director

Dr Iain Stewart presents BAFTA-nominated landmark CGI documentary series (5×60′ BBC/Nat Geo/ZDF) telling the story of the Earth.  Episode 5: Rare Earth.  The natural and cosmic phenomena that have made Earth a home for complex life.  Filmed in Mexico, Australia, Madagascar and USA.  Apr ’06 – Jun ’07

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BBC Specialist Features

20th Century Battlefields – Producer/Director 

Landmark documentary series (8×60 BBC/Discovery) presented by Peter & Dan Snow.  Dynamic storytelling, actuality sequences and unique CGI bring to life key battles that shaped our world.  Episode 2 – Midway 1942.  The story of an epic WW2 naval battle in the Pacific.  Filmed in California, Hawaii & UK.  Aug ’05-Mar ’06

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Jerusalem: Anthem for England

Programme commissioned – 1×60′ BBC4.  Nominated for Best Arts Documentary, Banff World Television Festival June 2006 and for Arts & Specials at the 2006 Rose D’Or Global Television Festival.



20th Century Battlefields – Assistant Producer

Episode 3 – Korea 1953.  1×60’ filmed in Korea and UK.  Director of various scenes in Korea and UK.  Mar-Jul ’05



20th Century Battlefields – Assistant Producer

Episode 4 – Vietnam 1968. 1×60’ filmed in Vietnam and UK.  Director of various scenes in Vietnam; self-shooting in UK.  Oct ’04-Mar ’05



BBC History

The Bog Bodies – Assistant Producer

2,000 year old murder mystery.  1×50’ documentary for BBC’s prestigious Timewatch history strand.  Filmed inIreland & UK. Director of various scenes – digi and-self shooting DV.   (Jul-Oct ’04)

Secrets of the Mary Rose – Assistant Producer

1×50’ Timewatch drama documentary filmed in USA, Sweden & UK.  Director of all US drama reconstruction sequences and aerial filming, plus various scenes in UK.  Jan-Jul ’04.

How Mad was King George? – Assistant Producer

1×50’ Timewatch drama documentary reappraisal of King George III with HRH The Prince of Wales.  Wrote commentary, conducted 2 of the main interviews.  Director of exteriors and artefacts.  Sep -Dec‘03

The Brief Histories

Programme commissioned – 1×30′ BBC3

Gallipoli – The First D-Day – Assistant Producer

1×50’ Timewatch documentary filmed in Turkey and France.  Director of opening sequence aerials.   Jan-Sep‘03


Developing new history programmes and series resulting in commissions for BBC1 (D-Day to Berlin) and BBC4 (Black Flash).  July ‘02-Jan ‘03.

Aimimage Productions

Terra Circa – Edit Producer

Granada Sky travel documentary series (6×25’).  Four adventurers travel overland from London to Japan (eps. 3 + 6).  Oct ‘02-Feb ’03.

Fly Films

Following Che – Director/Camera/Editor

1×52’ travel/history documentary.  7,000-mile South American motorcycle journey in tyre-tracks of Che Guevara.

The Funky Lowlives, Live at Cargo – Director

Live music video.  Jun-Aug ’02

BBC Arts

The Making of Dickens – Director

1×26’ BBC/Opus Arte co-production.  Apr-May ’02

Dickens – Coordinator

3×60’ landmark BBC2 drama documentary series.  Nov ‘01-May ’02

Convergence Productions


Developing new factual projects and pitching to commissioning editors (BBC, C4, C5, Discovery International/Health/Europe, SBS, CBC and National Geographic); company’s representative at 2001 Toronto Documentary Forum.  Oct ‘00-Oct ’01.

Production – various

David Starkey’s Henry VIII – 1x2hr special, C4 (2002 Indie Award winner); Flannery O’Connor – 1x1hr PBS ‘American Experience’; Private View – 10×30′ Channel 5/NVC Arts, international art documentary series.  Oct ’99-Sep ‘00.

BBC Radio 4

Following Che – Director/Presenter

1 x 26′ BBC Radio 4 documentary.  Che Guevara’s formative adventures in South America.  Jan-Aug ’99.

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BBC Writing for TV course

Three day BBC-funded training course focussing on script writing and story telling (Mar ’03).

European Concept Development Course

One week BBC-funded training course at the ‘Media Academie’ in Hilversum, Netherlands (Mar ’03). New techniques for developing ideas for television, especially interactive TV.

BUFVC Archive Research Course

Archives, archive research, clearance, copyright (Feb ’01).

Adventure filming

Aimimage (Feb ’99): adventure filming techniques.

Sound recording course

Revolution Recordings (Jan ’99): sound recording/production, live interviews, actuality, equipment.

Explore ’98

Royal Geographical Society expedition planning course (Nov ’98): logistics, filming, first aid, etc.

Expedition filming course

Café Productions/Royal Geographical Society (Apr ’98): filming in remote locations, safety, etc.