The Plane Crash


“One of the most spectacular sights you will ever see on TV”
“Eye-catching… a TV spectacle”
Winner of Televisual Award for best documentary single.  Nominated for RTS Award (best science & natural history), BAFTA Award (best specialist factual) and BAFTA Craft Award (best sound).

Plane Crash: feature-length special for C4 / Discovery / ProSieben

In an unprecedented international television event, conceived and funded by Channel 4 in association with a range of international broadcasters, pilots will board a passenger jet, fly it out over a vast desert, set it on course to crash land – and parachute from the plane.

The resulting high-speed crash will recreate the most common type of serious passenger jet incident and give scientists invaluable information about how planes react in potentially fatal accidents.

The plane will be loaded with cameras and sensors, as well as crash test dummies positioned throughout the aircraft, taking the place of passengers and crew. The crash site will be filmed from every conceivable angle.

The resulting footage and data will give an unprecedented insight into what happens when a passenger plane crashes and enable experts to study how areas such as seat belt design, seat arrangement and even overhead baggage can have an impact on passengers’ safety.

This is the first time an aircraft of this size has been crash-tested in this way; the results should combine serious scientific purpose with extraordinary spectacle.

[Channel 4’s original press release]

Discovery Channel trailer


“This has been an extraordinary feat of organisation, involving up to 300 people on location, including the production team, pilots, experts, risk management, plus local crew, military, fire teams and police”
Sanjay Singhal, Executive Producer