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global brand

Promo for British luxury car maker Jaguar, filmed in Germany, Italy, Austria and the UK.

locations reel

Selected locations and filming environments worldwide, including Madagascar, Venezuela, Chile and Vietnam.  

documentarY reel

Featuring films made for the BBC and Discovery, including the BAFTA-nominated Plane Crash.

adventure reel

Including cave diving, rock climbing and an abseil from the top of the highest waterfall in the world.

technology reel

Including material filmed with NASA, General Motors, Oxford University, MIT and the European Space Agency.

aviation reel

Aerial sequences filmed in locations including Bhutan, the Galapagos islands and the USA.  

 automotive reel

From selected projects filmed with Range Rover, Volvo, BMW, Jaguar and Chrysler.  


One of a series of 30-second shorts supporting the release of Jaguar's first electric car.



Full sequences from films made for global brands


range rover

The opening sequence from Going Electric, the story of Jaguar's first electric car.  Award-winning documentary feature for Jaguar / Amazon Prime.

making an icon

Opening sequence from The Making of an Icon, a documentary film created for Range Rover.


A short story of childhood ambition. 

From Going Electric, a documentary feature for Jaguar.

The global launch film for the new Range Rover Velar, narrated by Hollywood actor Damian Lewis.

artistry in clay

The modelling team at team work in Jaguar's legendary Advanced Design Studio. 

From the documentary Going Electric.

ice chamber

Ice testing a stunning new car.

From the documentary The Making of an Icon.

1x48' for Range Rover.


Full sequences from films made for global broadcasters

plane crash

The biggest stunt ever filmed for TV. 

Opening sequence from the BAFTA-nominated

 Plane Crash, a feature-length documentary.

sub launch

A submersible begins a descent to a record depth of one kilometre in the Galapagos islands.

From Galapagos, a landmark series for the BBC.


Opening sequence from the BBC's BAFTA-nominated series Earth: The Power of the Planet.

dangerous driving

Watch out on the roads in Sweden!

Unusual hazards lie in wait.

Winter driving sequence filmed with Volvo.


A storm hits climbers on a rock face in Venezuela.

From Extreme Mountain Challenge, one of the most dangerous expeditions ever filmed by the BBC.

car crash

Opening sequence from Surviving a Car Crash, a one-hour documentary distributed globally.

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