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Earth: the power of the planet

5x60' BBC2 / National Geographic / ZDF, TX 2007

The incredible story of our planet.  

Filmed in Madagascar, Australia, Mexico, Texas and New Mexico.

Nomination, Best

Factual Series

Winner, Best Cinematography

3rd Prize, Best

Specialist Factual

Nomination, Best Series

Official Selection

[Paris, France]

opening sequence

mexican caves

australian meteorites

American crater


After watching this, I guarantee you won’t take anything as read ever again, as this truly breathtaking series ends by explaining about the extraordinary cosmic flukes that have helped make Earth inhabitable… If there is other intelligent life out there – and Stewart leaves us feeling there might not be – I challenge them to make a TV series as easy to understand and yet as mind-blowing as this one has been.”


“‘It’s time to look at the bigger picture,’ announces Dr Iain Stewart. Which is a worry: in this eye-popping, mind-blowing series the pictures have been pretty big already – billions of years, the whole history of our planet.  How big does he want?”




“Riveting science series.  Dr Iain Stewart’s knowledge and passion make this subject compelling and his vision of the future arrestingly poignant”

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