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Flying Mile Films make documentary-style films for brands.  


The company's staff come from backgrounds in primetime broadcast TV, producing and directing headline-grabbing, character-driven films, with audiences in the millions, for major channels like Discovery and the BBC.


Projects range from 30-second shorts for social media to full-length features for global TV distribution.  All have a premium, broadcast TV documentary ‘feel’. 


Fresh and authentic, they are a world away from the heavy-handed commercials of the past. 


Viewers stay glued to an immersive story, captivated by the quality of the filmmaking.


Flying Mile Films offers a fully inclusive production service, managing everything from initial story development to finished film distribution.


We are agile, collaborative and globally experienced, with a flexible structure that allows us to work direct-to-client or through an agency. 


We can develop new projects from scratch or help to finesse existing ideas.  


Our broadcast TV heritage ensures that we work quickly and economically, often much more so than traditional corporate production companies. 


We operate with minimal overheads, and take pride in delivering on time and on budget.  Production funds – no matter how large or small – are always directed towards the screen.  


With extensive freelance contacts across the industry, we can assemble the finest crew for even the most specialised of films. 

Whether your project is for a mobile phone or a movie theatre, our goal is always to craft the best film, whatever the brief and whatever the budget. 

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