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season 2

National Geographic / Disney+, TX TBC


National Geographic has picked up a second season of the One Strange Rock, hosted by Will Smith.


The series explores what makes Earth unique, how the planet is able to sustain life and the fragile systems that keep it thriving.

"The tremendous success of One Strange Rock is a testament to the power of innovative storytelling and an exceptional creative team," said Courteney Monroe, CEO of National Geographic Global Networks. "With the creative vision of Darren Aronofsky and the expertise of Jane Root and Nutopia, One Strange Rock stretches the traditional boundaries of science and natural history programming. It takes viewers on a breathtaking visual adventure that not only entertains, but also amazes and surprises."

Added Aronofsky, "With National Geographic and the wealth of talent and experience of Jane and Nutopia, we took on this ambitious project to give audiences a new perspective on our living planet. There was so much more we wanted to cover in the first season and couldn’t. I’m grateful we now have the opportunity to bring more of the beauty and wonder of our planet to the screen."

"There’s just so much more to tell, and to be able to continue the epic story of One Strange Rock is incredibly thrilling," said Root. "We set out to make science and the world relevant to viewers, and with the creative talents of Darren and his team, we did just that — in this epic and visually stunning journey."

trailer - season 1

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